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BodyCure Clinic offer face to face customized planning as well as telemedicine nutrition counseling. Since the nutritionist is based in a clinic setting we have the advantage of value-added tests that can be done such as BCA (Body composition analyzer), noninvasive bone densitometer, lab tests if needed and doctor consultation for medical input as required. Based on the nutritionist’s recommendation we also have qualified physiotherapists and trainers who can work on a holistic weight reduction package. We, therefore, are a non-hospital based one stop shop for your nutrition assessment and way planning.

Nutritionists are the specialists who can evaluate your lifestyle and eating habits and can further offer customized modifications for better health. Based on your requirements they create diet plans and guidelines for preventive as well as therapeutic conditions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. How do physiotherapists help in treating sports injury?

Physiotherapists for sports injury in Bodycure Clinic help you with moderate exercises that stimulate the muscles of the injured part for recovery and complete physical movement.

2. Do physiotherapists for sports injury in Bodycure clinic make home visits for daily exercise?

Yes, Bodycure Clinic physiotherapists visit your home for daily exercises.

3. What type of treatment do they provide to recover from the injury?

Doctors gradually introduce various stretching and strengthening exercises for the reduction of pain and fast recovery from the injury.

4. Can physiotherapists prescribe medicines?

No, physiotherapists cannot prescribe and/or practice medicine.

5. What is the consultation fee charged by physiotherapists?

Bodycure Clinic approximate fee charged is Rs. 500 to 1500 per session or more.