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Diet and Nutrition Counselling with Renuka Pal- What is it and how does it work? Your Diet and Nutrition program with Renuka Pal has three main components: The Right Guidance, The Easy Suggestion, and the No Crash diets and you will be on the road to a healthy lifestyle.

Throughout the process, your Nutritionist Renuka Pal and her team of trained nutritionists will monitor your progress and accordingly provide you with daily and weekly meal plan strategies, encouragement and support, and the accountability that will help you achieve your Goals.

Customized Diet Plans

We treat you like an individual. Because we understand you better and even with exact same food in different people might not get the same calories and absorb nutrients, variations in things like enzymes levels, gut bacteria and even intestine length linked with every individuals ability to extract energy from food is little different. So, your diet plan with us will be unique, customized and specifically made for your needs.

Personal Online Nutritionist

Assessment consultation will be detailed one on one single session of about 30 minutes with Renuka Pal or designated expert from her team where we will review your case, your reports, your medical condition, your BCA (body composition analysis) and your existing lifestyle, based on that our expert will suggest you treatment plan and duration for your health issues.

Food has a special ability to bring people together. Our dietitians and nutrition experts have a minimum of 5 years of experience. They are medically trained to handle complex body types. Wherever you go, wherever you are we make sure that your diet plan doesn’t get hampered ever.

Targeting Goals

While no medication or drink can replace the healthy way of eating and lifestyle. Your goal can be weight-loss, weight-gain, getting fit for your wedding, tackling PCOS, blood pressure, gastric issues, thyroid, diabetes, pregnancy symptoms or anything else. Our nutritionists are capable to tackle yourgoal. We are ready for your goal!

Area to target

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    Types of Plans:

  • One-Month Plan
  • Two-Months Plan
  • Three-Months Plan
  • Six-Months Plan
  • Twelve-Months Plan
  • Support During Your Plans:

  • Dedicated Senior Nutritionist
  • Daily Interaction
  • Weekly Follow-Ups
  • 24×7 Access for Queries
  • Food plans as per preferences
  • Pricing:

  • Our plans are goal-oriented and customized to your needs.
  • Our plans are affordable and budget-friendly.
  • Discuss your needs with our nutrition expert now to know the exact pricing for your plan.

How to Begin?

We need all your details including health reports and past history of health issues and your daily routine and nutrition. After collecting all the details, our nutrition expert will plan a customized diet and our services for you and explain the details to you.

What We Do? Why Choose Us?

You will be attended by direct to our senior expert to make sure you get the most personalized health person. Along with medication and exercise, diet plays a major role in managing all kind of lifestyle diseases where you have to live with it. Our clinic is the best combinations of physiotherapy and nutrition, where you will get one step solution for all without medicines.

    Menu Options Made-To-Order

  • Healthy diet plans for Indian lifestyle
  • Plan suiting for work schedules
  • Unique diet requirements
  • Inclusion of your favourites
  • Easy to make-n-follow diet plans

  • Easy to make recipes
  • No fancy-foods
  • A plan made from your everyday kitchen ingredients
  • Plans that don’t disturb your family meals
  • In-House Team of Nutrition Experts

  • Our in-house nutrition expert have many years of experience
  • Regular follow-ups
  • Changing of plans based on changing needs
  • Nutrition Strategies like No Other

  • Our nutrition strategies are unique and specific to your body needs
  • We encourage healthy lifestyle changes, which are lifelong
  • We include food options from your daily routine, and still achieve your goals
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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Are dietitians same as nutritionists?

No, dietitians are different from nutritionists. Dietitians provide nutrition advice for treating a broad range of health conditions while a nutritionist helps you with diet plans and suggestions but cannot do so in cases of health issues.

2. Can I visit a dietitian during pregnancy?

Yes, you can visit a dietitian during pregnancy for nutrition advice and a diet plan that can improve your and the baby's health.

3. Do the dietitians in Bodycure Clinic also provide fitness advice?

Yes, We provide fitness advice for athletes to avoid any injuries during sports activities.

4. Do Dietitians in Bodycure Clinic offer Online Diet Plan?

Yes, We provide Online Diet Plan.

5. What is the consultation fees charged by dietitians in Bodycure clinic?

Dietitians in Bodycure Clinic charge an approximate consultation fee of Rs. 400 and above.